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Creating an NFT has never been easier with our IPFS Blockchain-powered service! Utilizing the decentralized IPFS Database, store and showcase live Nft images effortlessly. Try now our basic package for free!

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Whether you’re an artist looking to showcase your unique creations or a collector seeking a secure platform for your valuable NFT portfolio, Bakeree’s IPFS Nft Storage is the ideal solution.

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easy to use NFT art generator
Bakeree offers easy IPFS solutions for everyone

Secure Storage for
Your NFT Masterpieces

With our advanced IPFS solution, you can enjoy the benefits of secure and reliable storage for your digital assets. Rest easy knowing that your precious digital assets are protected and accessible at all times, ensuring their longevity and value in the ever-evolving world of NFTs

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Affordable, Flexible,
and Easy-to-Use IPFS Storage

Bakeree IPFS Pinning Service offers affordable storage solutions for NFT projects of any size, with a free plan available for beginners. Making it possible for anyone to launch their project without breaking the bank.

Choose the right
plan for your project



to generate collection

  • Storage: 5 GB
  • Bandwidth: 20 GB
  • Requests: 50,000

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  • 25 GB
  • 50 GB
  • 75 GB


cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 25 GB
  • Bandwidth: 50 GB
  • Requests: 100,000

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cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 50 GB
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB
  • Requests: 100,000

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cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 75 GB
  • Bandwidth: 150 GB
  • Requests: 200,000

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  • 100 GB
  • 150 GB
  • 200 GB


cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 100 GB
  • Bandwidth: 200 GB
  • Requests: 250,000

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cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 150 GB
  • Bandwidth: 300 GB
  • Requests: 300,000

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cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 200 GB
  • Bandwidth: 400 GB
  • Requests: 400,000

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  • 300 GB
  • 400 GB
  • 500 GB


cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 300 GB
  • Bandwidth: 600 GB
  • Requests: 500,000

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cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 400 GB
  • Bandwidth: 800 GB
  • Requests: 600,000

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cost per collection generated

  • Storage: 500 GB
  • Bandwidth: 1000 GB
  • Requests: 700,000

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For Enterprise

For Brands & Organizations to require enterprises level features, storage bigger than 500 GB and a customised package,
we offer a 1:1 solution.

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Is there a free version of Bakeree's IPFS?

Yes! Bakeree’s IPFS free plan is perfect for any individual just getting started or if you just need the essential features of Bakeree’s IPFS.

Which plan is right for me?

Just like every non-fungible token, we know that every project, brand, and team is unique. We recommend comparing the plans above to see which features you need. If you’re having trouble determining the best option for you, please reach out to our 24/7 sales team.

Which blockchains and apps does Bakeree's IPFS work with?

Bakeree’s IPFS is proud to be a blockchain-agnostic company, meaning we can work with any blockchain network you wish.

Can I pay monthly, annually, or for many years ahead?

While we’d love to have you pay for the next 100 years, in reality the best we can do is monthly and annual payment plans for now.

What if I need to change my plan?

No problem! If you need to change your plan, simply log into your account and head to payments. Under billing, select the new plan you’d like to use and you should see the change reflected by the next billing cycle.

How can I manage my billing?

Manage and update your billing settings when you log into the Bakeree’s IPFS app and click on payments.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bakeree’s IPFS accepts all major credit and debit cards. Though we do not have the ability to accept payment in crypto yet, stay tuned–we’re working to make this possible in the future.

How do I start?

Thought you’d never ask! Select the plan you’d like to try above and get started in less than five minutes.

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes, from time to time, we offer seasonal and occasional discounts for new customers.

How do I track my current usage in Bakeree's IPFS?

Log into the Bakeree’s IPFS app, under Payments you’ll be able to view your usage.