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Discover a new NFT creation and management era with Bakeree, the ultimate no code blockchain platform. Seamlessly generate NFTs, automate smart contracts, and leverage secure IPFS storage. Join our vibrant marketplace and unleash the true potential of your digital assets.

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Our Loyal Customers

Sol Shamans

SolShamans is building a DAO that invests in DeFi and helps brain tumor suffers by sharing DAO rewards with patients in need.



SYAC is an NFT collection consisting of young apes with over 200 accessories, expressions and clothing generated by an algorithm.



After The Fall

It’s the year 2099. The world has greatly changed after the war. Fourteen nations are trying to rise for total domination. Collect, level up, complete missions, fight, and win.



The easiest NFT generator to create randomized, unique 10k NFT collections. Unleash your creativity with our Best NFT Art Generator, enabling endless variations through seamless mix-and-match techniques across all layers.

  • Super fast NFT art generation
  • Rarity for Layers and Attributes
  • Unlimited storage PRO

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No Code NFT Art Generator
Creating 1000s of NFTs in minutes

Affordable IPFS Pricing

IPFS NFT Storage Solutions

Safeguard your valuable creations with utmost reliability. Our IPFS NFT storage ensures the security and permanence of your digital assets, utilizing decentralized technology to protect them from loss or tampering. Focus on creating while we take care of their safety.

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Smart Contract

Skip the hassle of finding a smart contract developer. Create smart contracts without coding with our automatic smart contract generator. Save time, effort, and resources while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your contract creation process.

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Automated Smart Contract Solutions

Bakeree’s NFT
Minting Website Builder

Showcase, sell and connect with buyers directly through a captivating and customizable minting page. Maximize the impact of your digital creations and embark on a successful NFT journey with our powerful minting website builder.

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Best NFT Marketplace for
Artists and Collectors

We provide the ultimate platform for artists and collectors to explore, buy, and sell NFTs. Our curated marketplace offers a seamless experience, connecting artists with a global community of passionate collectors.

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